Where does your path lead?

Welcome to Pathway Advisors, LLC

Everyone has their own path they choose to follow through life. We help people make sure they are prepared and enjoy the journey.

Pathway is here for you through every step of life, and we understand that detours will occur.

Whether it is financing a new business, making the decision to go back to school or coping with the death of a spouse, we will help you re-evaluate your path accordingly.

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Financial Consultant

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An Independent Advisor.

At Pathway Advisors we believe that your financial course is exclusively yours and deserves a unique plan to take you toward the life to which you aspire. We want to prepare you for the inevitable changes of life and allow you to enjoy the journey along the way. We work with a variety of clients in all stages of life, helping them plan for the future in a way that works best for their distinct needs.

Pathway is an independent financial services firm. What does that mean for you? It means there is no pressure for us to sell privately owned products or services; you will receive open-minded guidance and advice that is tailored for each individual venture. This allows Pathway to always put your best interest front and center, offering prompt, candid service with the highest level of integrity.

Pathway Advisors, LLC was started by a small team of like-minded financial advisors who saw a need for planning that was not based on corporate strategy, but rather a relationship that understands every person has their own path to follow. We will create a personalized plan for you, allowing you to follow the path you desire.